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Wuxi Taihu Machine Tool Exhibition

We provide a high office environment, with absolutely competitive wages in the same industry;

I will buy five insurances and one fund as soon as I enter the company, including birthday, holiday benefits, various allowances . a lot!

If you love machinery and are willing to share your experience, and want to contact, communicate and understand with more machine tool technicians, please join us!

We offer the following positions:

Apply to become the official photography team / special photographer of Taihu Machine Tool Exhibition

Please send the following information to:, and we will contact you after data review.

- name

-Contact information

-Team / personal introduction

-Participated in shooting activities

-Representative photography

-Photography qualification (if any)

After the approval, you will obtain a specific badge as identification, and take photos at the exhibition site as an official photography team / special photographer.

Please note that:

1. The official photography authorization is required for photographing the specific exhibits and exhibitor's products; photographing is prohibited without the authorization of the organizer;

2. Only a limited number of media and journalists are allowed to take photos in specific areas;

Welcome to contact Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition team for more details.

1、 2 exhibition audience marketing specialists

1. Responsible for the development of regional market

2. Contact target customers, promote and implement the buyer's solicitation and related work

3. Understand and analyze the development trend of the industry, timely collect industry information and conduct key customer research

4. Maintain and update the professional audience information, and do a good job in screening and classifying

5. Be responsible for customer consultation service, search and feedback of customer opinions and suggestions, and do a good job of customer satisfaction research

Experience in marketing and garment industry is preferred

2、 Number of exhibition sales representatives

1. Collect customer resources through various media and effectively develop new customers.

2. Through telephone, Internet, email, visit and other forms to carry out the recruitment work.

3. Complete the sales task of booth, activity and print advertisement every year.

4. Assist the company and customers to do a good job in the service of the exhibition site.

5. Maintain customer relationship and ensure customer renewal.

Overseas + domestic (overseas wants to be proficient in one or two of English, French, Italian and Korean)

Treatment: base salary + commission + bonus

Organizer recruitment

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