Publicity and promotion

Promotion plan Exhibition promotion is the key to the success or failure of the exhibition. We use a variety of effective means to promote the exhibition;

Media publicityIn more than 50 professional media magazines, such as tool business information, machine tool and equipment, CNC tool world, machine tool manufacturing industry, etc., and Shanghai Machinery Network, China metal processing online network, electromechanical online, China plastic mold network, international mold network, xi'enzi machine tool network, international metal processing network, China machine tool business network 》More than 100 professional media such as China machine tool information network, international metal processing network, China machine tool network, microblog, independent and powerful audience wechat platform, etc. regularly promote the exhibition, and Wuxi TV station, Wuxi radio station and other mass media intensively publicize the exhibition.

Direct mail promotionThe organizers, CO organizers and undertakers have established a relatively complete database of industry manufacturers. The customer service team of 20 people aims at automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, clock and watch manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, toy manufacturing, building material manufacturing, bicycle manufacturing, professional metal processing, plastic, aircraft manufacturing, light industrial product manufacturing through telephone, fax, mail, SMS, visit and other ways , ship manufacturing, hardware manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing, military machinery manufacturing, electronic / communication product manufacturing and other machinery manufacturing enterprises, as well as mechanical design institute, Research Institute, Mechanical Department of colleges and universities, etc. transmit the comprehensive information of the exhibition to ensure that more than 50000 professional visitors arrive at the exhibition site.

Ticket donation schemeOn the one hand, for exhibitors, on the one hand, visitors are organized. The organizing committee plans to print 700000 exquisite tickets, and invite industry users, manufacturers, distributors and other units to visit.

Special invitationMainly for government officials, industry organizations and journalists; organize experts to give special technical lectures;

outdoor advertisingFor more than half a year, there are anti-aircraft advertisements for expressways around Wuxi such as Yanjiang expressway, Huning Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Xicheng Expressway, 312 national highway, and large-scale outdoor advertisements for major overpasses such as Taihu Avenue and Jincheng viaduct in Wuxi City. There are hundreds of outdoor spray-painted advertisements for intersections of main roads and key venues in Wuxi City, hundreds of empty floating balloon advertisements, and more than 3000 taxi body advertisements Large scale outdoor advertising and regular promotion are set up in more than ten professional markets in East China - more than 100000 insiders can get exhibition information at any time.