Scope of exhibits

Machine tool equipment :CNC machine and machining center, metal cutting machine, lathe, milling machine, boring machine, boring and milling machine, grinder, drilling machine, sawing machine, broaching machine, planer, engraving machine, EDM / WEDM machine, micro hole machining, gear machining machine, special machine, etc;

Forging machinery :Sheet metal cutting machine and laser cutting machine, water jet technology, stamping machine, hydraulic press, plate shearing machine, bending machine, plate rolling machine, bending machine, automatic forging machine, welding, welding and cutting equipment, peripheral equipment, etc;

Inspection and measuring equipment:CMM, image projector, laser interferometer, all kinds of micrometer mechanical performance instruments, surface roughness meter, etc;

Tool accessories:All kinds of machine tool transmission and control technology, CNC system, machine tool electrical appliances, cutting tools, cutting tools, fixtures, tooling, measuring instruments, abrasive Abrasives, metal cutting oil, lubricants, hardware tools, machine tool accessories chuck, workbench, turntable, safety protection device, suction cup, vise, etc;

Industrial automation:Industrial automation equipment, automation instrument and control system, industrial robot and robot technology, industrial control equipment, manipulator, electronic application system and manufacturing information solutions, etc;

Intelligent logistics:Mechanical handling equipment, lifting device, crane, lifting platform, parallel lifting platform, continuous material handling operation system for single or bulk materials, logistics control system, operation and storage equipment, shelves, storage cage, turnover box, hardware tools, driverless transportation system and related components, accessories and related components, etc;

Mold manufacturing:Mold and mold products, mold standard parts, mold materials, mold software; measuring equipment, various mold production. Injection molding machine, bottle blowing machine, extruder, bag making machine, die-casting machine, rubber machine, manipulator, hot runner system, plastic auxiliary equipment, chemical, plastic, die-casting and casting raw materials, etc.

Participants:All kinds of domestic and foreign industrial production enterprises, trade dealers, agents, suppliers.