Exhibition details

1、All enterprises in line with the scope of the exhibition can apply for participation. If you sign up for the exhibition, please fill in the application form carefully, affix the official seal, fax it or mail it to the Organizing Committee;

2、Within 5 days after applying for the booth, wire transfer or hand over the exhibition fee to the organizer according to the following  account number; 
    Beneficiary: Jiangsu Delta International Exhibition Co., Ltd 
    Account number: 322000614018170276018
  Bank of deposit: Wuxi Xijiao branch of Bank of Communications
  Please indicate the remittance:“2020 the 36th Wuxi Taihu International Machine Tool and intelligent equipment industry expo

3、Booth sequence allocation principle: "apply first, pay first, arrange first"


5、After receiving the fees, the organizing committee will mail or fax the exhibition manual to the exhibitors before June 7, 2020.