Last review

The last exhibition attracted machine tool manufacturers from 12 countries and regions, including China, Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. to participate in the exhibition: US Haas, US HARTING, US steiley, South Korea Hyundai Weiya, South Korea Doosan, South Korea Samsung, South Korea tegook, Switzerland TESA, Germany katsen, Germany stock, Germany Sko of China, tschorn of Germany, Zeiss of Germany, KUKA of Germany, Okuma of North, ace of India, Tsusho of Japan, Kitamura of Japan, fujiwon of Japan, Toshiba of Japan, Mitsubishi of Japan, Kyocera of Japan, Youjia of Taiwan, Gaofeng of Taiwan, qiaoweijin of Taiwan, Durang of Taiwan, Saibo of Taiwan, Yiquan of Taiwan, uranium Hing of Taiwan, Fusuo of Taiwan, Chengtai of Taiwan, Qifa of Taiwan, Jinzhengda of Taiwan, Jianjian of Taiwan Germany, Taiwan Taiyu, Taiwan Xuzheng, Taiwan Fengbao, Taiwan Yongda, Taiwan Liyang, Taiwan Zhongquan, Taiwan Yichen, Taiwan Dinghan, Taiwan Yalida, Shenyang Co., Ltd., Haitian Seiko, Shenzhen Han, Shenzhen Everbright, Guangdong Runxing, Guangzhou Haimu star, Guangzhou Baisheng, xuradium laser, Shandong Yonghua, Jiangsu Houdao, Shanghai Sigma, Shanghai Huanyan, Guang More than 500 domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers, such as Dongjia Mengzi and Yunnan Yiji, participated in the exhibition. Thousands of intelligent industrial equipment, core functional parts, automatic production lines and other wonderful presentations leading the cutting-edge science and technology of the times were launched to attract more than 10000 people from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui on the first day. The four-day exhibition attracted more than 50000 professional visitors from home and abroad. The number of visitors has increased significantly, and the number of professional buyers has increased by 20% compared with the previous one. In a real sense, the exhibition has created a one-stop service for exhibitors and visitors. 90% of exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition, 95% of visitors are satisfied with the exhibition; 85% of exhibitors say they will participate again; 95% of visitors say they will visit the exhibition again.