Exhibition introduction

1、 Exhibition introduction

After years of accumulation, Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition has 1.8 million big data of equipment manufacturing buyers at home and abroad, with a total turnover of nearly 5.6 billion yuan, which has built a platform for purchase negotiation and technical exchange between domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional users. After more than ten years of development, Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition has made a qualitative leap in specialization, branding and internationalization. Upgrade to: Wuxi Taihu International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo. The exhibition covers a total exhibition area of 50000 square meters, bringing together more than 600 high-quality exhibitors at home and abroad. It is expected that procurement groups from nearly 20 countries and nearly 40000 professional buyers from all provinces, regions and cities will visit the exhibition.

Give full play to regional advantages and promote industrial development

Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition has been held for more than 30 times, and has become a professional, high-end exhibition equipment and influential machine tool industry event in the Yangtze River Delta. The exhibition's influence has spread to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other developed areas of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, and it is deeply concerned and supported by domestic and foreign manufacturing industry and equipment users. As an important high-end equipment R & D, design and manufacturing base in China, Yangtze River Delta economic zone has become one of the largest agglomeration areas of domestic equipment manufacturing industry!

Wuxi, as the host city of Taihu Lake, plays an important role in the equipment manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta. The technological innovation reform and scale transformation of Wuxi's manufacturing industry are synchronized. The example leads the optimization of industrial cluster layout, steadily promotes the upgrading of trillion industrial chain, focuses on cultivating strategic emerging industries, and strongly shapes the entire economic industrial chain of the Yangtze River Delta region. At present, a large number of high-tech enterprises such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, and CETC Haikang have invested a large amount in Wuxi. These industries represent the advanced manufacturing level at home and even in the world, with strong "forward-looking", many industrial advantages, greatly promoting the economic development of Wuxi.

Strengthen propaganda and report by authoritative media

In order to effectively improve the influence of the exhibition, the organizer this year paid special attention to increasing the investment in the publicity work, and adopted the all-round strategy of online publicity + offline outdoor multi-channel publicity. Promote the exhibition and exhibitors in all aspects before, during and after the exhibition, effectively improve the brand awareness of exhibitors, and help exhibitors seize the opportunity of industry marketing.

At present, online promotion mainly through key words (Wuxi Machine Tool Exhibition, Taihu machine tool exhibition, etc.), classification, interest and other dimensions in Baidu news, 360, today's headlines, Sohu, Netease and other mobile phone clients for sosu, with strong targeted promotion, bringing more professional audience flow. All day long, the official website will update the exhibition content and help the audience get information on exhibitors and exhibits online. Search for the WeChat official account: "Taihu Machine Tool Exhibition", the audience can learn the latest trends of the exhibition online. Meanwhile, the organizers invite the professional audience to visit the group through the mail sending system, the telephone inviting group, and use the new media and other marketing methods to achieve a large area of centralized. Spread the net to publicize.

Through years of accumulation, coupled with network publicity, Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition has a huge database. Before the exhibition, professional visitors are invited one-on-one to ensure the effect of the exhibition and the flow of people.

The promotion of the line is also very awesome. It includes: publicity banner, inkjet advertising, antiaircraft advertising, air balloon advertising, taxi body advertisement and other outdoor advertisements have already covered the key points such as the surrounding expressway of Wuxi and the trunk road of Wuxi city. At present, there are more than 50 specialties such as tool business, machine tool and equipment, CNC cutter world, machine tool manufacturing industry, etc. Media magazine and more than 300 professional websites, such as Shanghai Machinery Network, China metal processing online network, electromechanical online, China plastic mold network, international mold network, xi'enzi machine tool network, international metal processing network, China machine tool business network, China machine tool information network, China machine tool network, have independent and powerful views Regular promotion of wechat platform, Wuxi TV station, Wuxi radio station and other mass media carried out intensive publicity on the exhibition.

All kinds of ways can be described as an all-round, high coverage and high-precision publicity way that is closely integrated online and offline. The sponsor's "enlarged recruitment" is to make the influence of this Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition spread rapidly and attract more professional visitors to register and visit.

2、 Last review

The last exhibition attracted machine tool manufacturers from 12 countries and regions, including China, Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. to participate in the exhibition:More than 500 well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, including  US Haas, US HARTING, US steiley, South Korea Hyundai Weiya, South Korea Doosan, South Korea Samsung, South Korea tegook, Switzerland TESA, Germany katsen, Germany stock, Germany Sko of China, tschorn of Germany, Zeiss of Germany, KUKA of Germany, Okuma of North, ace of India, Tsusho of Japan, Kitakura of Japan, fujiwon of Japan, Toshiba of Japan, Mitsubishi of Japan, Kyocera of Japan, Youjia of Taiwan, Gaofeng of Taiwan, qiaoweijin of Taiwan, Durang of Taiwan, Saibo of Taiwan, Chaoqun of Taiwan, Yiquan of Taiwan, uranium Hing of Taiwan, fushuo of Taiwan, xiehong of Taiwan, Qifa of Taiwan, Jinzheng of Taiwan Da, Taiwan Jiande, Taiwan Taiyu, Taiwan Xuzheng, Taiwan Fengbao, Taiwan Yongda, Taiwan Liyang, Taiwan Zhongquan, Taiwan Yichen, Taiwan Dinghan, Taiwan Yalida, Taiwan dema, Haitian Seiko, haixikang, Shenzhen ethnic group, Shenzhen Dineng, Shenzhen Chuangshi, guangdongrun star, Guangzhou Haimu star, Guangzhou Baisheng, xuradium laser, Shandong Yonghua, Nantong Guosheng, Shanghai Haixigema, Shanghai Huanyan, Guangdong jiamengzi, Yunnan Yiji, Jiangsu Houdao, Deyang, Huaji, Shenyang Co., Ltd., participated in the exhibition.

Thousands of intelligent industrial equipment, core functional parts, automatic production lines and other wonderful presentations leading the cutting-edge science and technology of the times were launched to attract more than 10000 people from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui on the first day. The four-day exhibition attracted more than 50000 professional visitors from home and abroad. The number of visitors has increased significantly, and the number of professional buyers has increased by 20% compared with the previous one. In a real sense, the exhibition has created a one-stop service for exhibitors and visitors. 90% of exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition, 95% of visitors are satisfied with the exhibition; 85% of exhibitors say they will participate again; 95% of visitors say they will visit the exhibition again.

3、 Promotion plan

Exhibition promotion is the key to the success of the exhibition. We use a variety of effective publicity means to promote the exhibition:

1. The organizing committee will send a professional team to visit the national industrial market, point-to-point distribute promotional materials, promote the exhibition and invite dealers from all over the country.

2. Mainly invite leaders of industrial associations, equipment manufacturing and processing enterprises, distributors and agents of mechanical and electrical companies to visit and purchase.

3. Organize official visiting group, trade group and expert group to visit the site for guidance and exchange through various industry associations.

4. sign strategic cooperation agreement with the exhibition through major media, radio, professional magazines, industry websites and other mainstream media.

5. Point to point invitation is made to the insiders through new media means such as network call center, fax, network mail, mobile phone short message, etc.

6. Take wechat marketing as an important means of publicity and promotion, carry out wechat interactive activities or games from time to time, and use wechat advertising to increase the exposure and influence of the exhibition.

Outdoor advertisements: over half a year, there are anti-aircraft advertisements for expressways around Wuxi such as Yanjiang expressway, Huning Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Xicheng Expressway, 312 national highway, and large-scale outdoor advertisements for major overpasses such as Taihu Avenue and Jincheng viaduct in Wuxi City; there are hundreds of outdoor painting advertisements, hundreds of air balloon advertisements, and taxis at crossroads and key venues of main roads in Wuxi City More than 3000 body advertisements and more than a dozen professional markets in East China have set up large-scale outdoor advertisements and regular promotion - more than 100000 insiders have access to exhibition information at any time.